Liposuction in St. Louis

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The Perfect Choice for Immigration Service

Why Josiah Wong Is the Perfect Choice for Immigration Service


Its hard nowadays to look for an immigration lawyer auckland free consultation, but luckily you are set to have one at Parnell Law Chambers A good immigration lawyer needs to be proactive and knowledgeable as well as sympathetic to the situation of a client. Josiah Wong is your best bet. The immigration lawyer has a lot of experience handling issues of citizen applications, residency and immigration in Auckland and other countries.


Proper credentials


Josiah holds a BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an LLB from the University of Auckland. He has years of experience handling civil and immigration appeals. For over two decades he has worked as a prosecutor or defense counsel in several countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. The lawyer who is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin also has experience working in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The professional is in good standing with the Law Society and is authorized to represent immigrants.


Proven track record


Josiah’s proven record of successful outcomes is indicative of his expertise in immigration, civil and criminal law.


·         Authenticity of Investment migrant documents:The lawyer represented a renowned New Zealand Financial Group in an eight year long civil case involving  foreign exchange control regulations, financial and tax legislations and banking practices that relate to Chinese businesses and underground banks operating across China and Hong Kong.  In this case, he also dealt with issues of authenticity of investment migrant documents and other commercial applications within the New Zealand application file.


·         Interpol removes Red Notice from Josiah’s client allowing New Zealand to grant him citizenship:Josiah worked with a client who was accused by the Chinese government of embezzling public money from the country and escaping to New Zealand. Consequently, the government of China issued a Red Notice against him via Interpol making it virtually impossible for the Department of Internal affairs of New Zealand to grant his application of citizenship.  He was only allowed to become a citizen when Josiah became his lawyer.  Josiah made representations to authorities under international and New Zealand laws and managed to get Interpol to remove the Red Notice against the client.


·          A record drug haul: In 1991, America’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) seized US$3 billion worth of heroin in a warehouse in Hayward, San Francisco in a record drug haul. As a result, the United States Government Issued a Red Notice via the Interpol for the arrest of the suspects of the crime. The DEA, FBI, and Interpol went on an international manhunt leading them to a suspect in Auckland in 2000. They made applications to New Zealand’s government to extradite the suspect to America for trial. Upon taking the case, Josiah started gathering evidence in Hong Kong, Australia and the United States where he secretly met with informants, former FBI agents and the federal prosecutor for three years. Over this time the case went through several hearings in New York, US and New Zealand courts before the US Federal government declared Josiah’s client and innocent man.




It is very important to consult an immigration lawyer to help you deal with matters of immigration, citizenship and residency. Josiah Wong offers free consultations in Auckland. During such sessions, he explains options available to clients allowing them and helps them understand what legal services he can offer them.




Family Portrait Photographer

Family Portrait Photographer

A professional Family Portrait Photographer provides great service and results. If you are like most families in Tauranga you take a portrait photo every year. You obviously want it taken by a professional because you are memorializing your loved ones year after year. To get a professional family portrait you have to hire a professional photographer who is experienced not just in photography but specifically in portrait photography. They should have done it for at least a year. Here is what else you should be looking:

•    You should look for someone who is professional. They will most likely be coming to your home to take the photos and if they are unprofessional all sorts of things can happen. Look for someone who has a good track record.

•    How long do they take to process and return your photos? The last thing you want is to have to wait for weeks for simple photos to be developed.

•    What else do you get and how much are you paying for it? Good photographers will develop your photos (you tell them how many of each you need) and you also get you a digital version. They will also throw in things like frames, albums and other photography related goodies. Be careful to check what they charge for these items. There are some who charge more than they should.

•    Find out whether they are able to come when your family is available. Getting your family together can be tricky especially if you have grown children. It can be very inconveniencing to get everyone home only for the photographer to say that they cannot make it.

•    Check their portfolio to see what kind of portrait photos they have taken in the past. You should look for ones that are closest to the background and lighting that you have in mind. If, for example, the room where you want the photo taken doesn’t receive much light look photos that have been taken in similar rooms in the past.

•    Portrait photography is about more than just a camera. It takes specialized equipment to get the lighting and the effects right. Look for a photographer who has all the right equipment.

One Tauranga portrait photographer who has all these qualities is Lauren Davis. She is experienced in this field of photography (also in Landscape Photography ) and she will get you great Family Portraits Tauranga Her prices are reasonable and she delivers fast. You can find out more on her website,

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

In need of someone who is an expert in Wedding Photography ? Lauren is one of the professional wedding photographers in Tauranga, New Zealand. Her main area of specialization is to capture the perfect wedding moments.

Tauranga is a port on The Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand with lots of events going down every time. A wedding is one of the events, and the need of someone who can use utmost professionalism to capture these special moments is paramount.

Lauren is mostly specializing in telling stories but done through pictures.  Stories of your wedding that will make you do not forget that big day. The style of wedding photography she does is known as reportage wedding photography. It is a style that is common amongst many people and known as documentary wedding photography.

Lauren is one photographer who is so passionate about photographing weddings, and that is the reason why she has covered so many weddings and even won many awards. She does it without any interaction whatsoever.

Lauren promises to make your wedding experience different and unique by introducing a style that is classy and easy. She is not that traditional bossy wedding photographer who will make your wedding a hell by using so many staged group shots that are boring to many people.

Lauren runs a Tauranga-based photography house and serves clients from across the entire New Zealand.

Her primary motivation comes from the beauty of light and the celebration of human connections. These are some of the reasons that have propelled her to continue offering professional Wedding Photography Tauranga  services to the residents of Tauranga.

She has made a name amongst those that she has served, as a photographer who is skilled at taking eye-catching images that will live to tell a story long after the event.

She has been greatly honored to be named as the winner of various professional photography awards that have taken place in New Zealand in the past years. Lauren has spent almost half of her lifetime with cameras capturing special events and very Focus on Photography This is one of the reasons why she has been excelling well in her work as a professional wedding photographer.

When you contact her to capture the events at your wedding through her lenses, she will deliver pictures that are sure to take you right back to that moment in time.

Lauren will always be as discreet as possible in her work so that she can easily blend in and capture the events without interruptions.


Get in touch with her, and you will have exclusive images to remind you of special moments.


Tauranga Photographer

Tauranga Photographer

 Looking for a great Tauranga Photographer? Whether you are looking for a Tauranga wedding photographer, a Tauranga baby photographer, a Tauranga family photographer or a photographer for any kind of occasion you should choose Lauren Davis. She comes with all the qualities that you would want in someone who is going to capture images for your special day. Here is why you should hire her:

•    She is professional. She is very skilled in what she does, having developed her skills over the last 20 years. She will arrive at your event on time, take photographs the way you want them and develop them in good time. You will also get a digital copy that you can take back to her to develop any time you want.

•    She is skilled in different types of Photography Photography is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Different photos are taken in different ways. The way you take a portrait, for example, is different from the way that you take wedding photos. Lauren is well-versed in all different kinds of photography so you can be confident that you will get exactly what you are looking for. It is important to mention that she is also very good at taking baby pictures so if you have a little one call Lauren and schedule a session for them right away.

•    Lauren has invested in all the right equipment so that she can do her job as well as possible. You can choose to have your photos taken at Focus on Photography, her studio, or she can come to your location.

•    She has a very impressive portfolio that you can easily see by visiting her website,

•    Lauren understands that everyone wants to have professional pictures taken of them and their events so she charges very fair prices.

•    If you are looking to incorporate skylines in your photos she has great skill in doing this as well. She has captured some of the most stunning skylines of the Wakatipu region.

•    She is available to work 6 days a week and she never misses an appointment.

•    Lauren understands how inconveniencing it can be for a photographer to arrive late at an event – they end up missing some of the key moments. She makes sure to be prepared well ahead of time so that she can arrive a bit before the start of the event and set up.

You can find out more about Lauren Davis and Focus on Photography on

Woman Succeeding in Executive Positions

According to a research which was carried out in the year 2007, women in executive positions have proved to be competent and it has better financial performance as compared to men. In fact, they are the leaders of the multimillion dollar firms because of their unique feminine leadership as well as sound business acumen. We scoured the female leaders in Hong Kong businesses ranging from small businesses, to chiropractor business (脊醫), and even large executive organisations.

How women are doing well in executive positions

#1. They are the champions of change 

For any successful company, change is essential. Therefore, the firms need to embrace new ways of thinking and upcoming technology so as to stay at the top of the current changes. The companies can benefit from the executive women in leadership as they are the agents of change. 

#2. They build better relationship 

Basing on a research from Harvard University, women are rated highly in terms of relationship building. This is beneficial to a company since a good peer raises the productivity level. Moreover, it is going to build the firms level of satisfaction. As atested by the owners of TSTCC, click here to view their website.

#3. There is better collaboration 

The women in executive positions are also attracted to different cooperation, workers and clients. As a result, they will averse to suggestions of different individuals and their team members will get assistance from them. 

#4. Their communication is better 

When it comes to communication at personal level, women outweigh men. As a leader, you should have the ability of establishing a crystal clear communication with your team members. The feature is evident in most women as they tend to listen better than men.  

#5. They are better innovators 

In leadership, innovation is a viable quality which will keep every organization from becoming irrelevant. Even tough it has been realized that men and women have equal terms when it comes to innovation, ladies edge out men a little. Thus, the firms require leaders who will continue forging ahead, moving the boundaries as well as remaining in the cutting edge. 

#5. The financial performance of a company is better 

Most of the companies who have female board of directors in their organization normally attain higher financial performance than those with the lowest representation of women. When women serve in corporate posts, financial success is realized. The fact demonstrates that there is a very strong correlation between gender diversity and the financial performance. 

What makes women to be successful in leadership?

· They Build Exceptional Teams

Women are leaders who work effectively in a fast moving entrepreneurial organization. These individuals have: risk taking skills, relationship skills, common sense, admiration, respect, tolerance and respect. A company who hires women to be in top executive positions has a team which implements solutions and identifies the changes which are evolving. Also, they know how to deal with the challenges of an entrepreneurial business. 

· They celebrate their journey 

Women in leadership also recognize that success is not a one time shot. It is all about composing life with time. Therefore, the top executive women will not only enjoy the journey but also celebrate their success along the way. Moreover, they are open to opportunities and joys which appear unexpectedly in life. Apart from that, they try and see if they can succeed in any business opportunity. 

· They own their destiny and judge themselves only by their own metrics 

It is fascinating that women achieve most by defining their success in their own terms and creates an enterprise which reflects on their own passions. The organizations which they lead are also socially for services and products which they provide. Furthermore, they give opportunities to employees by thriving so as to make a positive difference in the community. Consequently, they create the owner’s personal wealth. 

· They nature the greatest assets of the organization

Another reason which makes women in executive positions to be successful is the fact that they focus on integration of all aspects in life. They normally do this by dedicating their time and energy as very scarce resources which are valuable items on their budget. In addition to that, they establish their priorities basing on the goals and values so as to make decisions in accepting the request of their clients. 


From the detailed description highlighted, it shows that women who are in leadership will yield desirable outcomes. These comprises of: high profitability to every business. Therefore, women in executive positions should be embraced.

An Effective Business Woman Demeanor

A woman in the business world has to do more than the minimum to be respected. You need to have an uplifting demeanor. A great attitude toward one’s employment can be hard to achieve, particularly with the hindrances ladies confront in the working environment. In any case, the best females in the business world figure out how to transcend and bring out an uplifting disposition. Having the capacity to see the great side of choices, ventures and results can showcase a sense of certainty.

Understanding an Effective Business Woman Demeanor

This quality is infectious. Seeing ladies who are agreeable in their places urges others to act a similar way. You should also show an eagerness to request and offer assistance. It’s hard to juggle each one of the duties of being a businessperson and for some, a mother. The ladies who thrive in the workforce are the individuals who aren’t reluctant to ask when they require help. Whether it guides on a major venture or childcare, workers now and again need to depend on others to deal with fundamental duties. By requesting help, agents can keep up their concentration and mitigate the duress of attempting to finish commitments without anyone else’s input.

You should also be direct and sure about your correspondence with others. This is a critical quality prosperous specialists have. Ladies in the workforce must be decisive in their thoughts, qualities, and capacities. At the point when ladies are confident, their associates will approach them with deference and appreciation. At last, it is important to realize that the certainty some female business pioneers have might not have been inborn. Rather, it was found out by watching other ladies in power and imitating their activities. Do not give up even if you feel like you do not have the natural capacity to achieve leadership in the business world.

Becoming an Effective Woman at the Workplace

There are some qualities which are needed by women in the business world so they could become just as respected and powerful as men. They have to show a capacity to work with others. It takes a considerable measure of commitment and diligence to be fruitful in the business world. This can be particularly valid for a young lady that may need to conquer certain inclinations or obstructions that don’t exist for others. A young lady needs to realize what she needs and must be willing to follow it, paying little respect to any resistance she may confront.

Tips for Becoming an Effective Woman at the Workplace

It is certainly feasible for individuals of every single race and sexual orientation to end up fruitful in the business world. Notwithstanding, to help young lady achieve this objective of business achievement, we’ve built up a brief guide for young ladies on the best way to end up effective in the business world. One of the issues that young ladies confront in the business world is a general conviction that the vast majority of them would prefer not to achieve the highest point of their calling.

This isn’t really valid in any case, in light of the fact that there are numerous young ladies that work until retirement and need to obtain and accomplish similar things that their male partners do. Despite the fact that without a doubt a few ladies might need to work sufficiently only to acquire some additional cash while their children are in school, there are likewise a few single young ladies prepared to achieve the official levels. One way to do that is through mentorship. Mentorship is an imperative quality of fruitful ladies in the workforce. These agents see a chance to show others what they’ve realized consistently, while likewise giving an outlet to future discourses.