Woman Succeeding in Executive Positions

According to a research which was carried out in the year 2007, women in executive positions have proved to be competent and it has better financial performance as compared to men. In fact, they are the leaders of the multimillion dollar firms because of their unique feminine leadership as well as sound business acumen. We scoured the female leaders in Hong Kong businesses ranging from small businesses, to chiropractor business (脊醫), and even large executive organisations.

How women are doing well in executive positions

#1. They are the champions of change 

For any successful company, change is essential. Therefore, the firms need to embrace new ways of thinking and upcoming technology so as to stay at the top of the current changes. The companies can benefit from the executive women in leadership as they are the agents of change. 

#2. They build better relationship 

Basing on a research from Harvard University, women are rated highly in terms of relationship building. This is beneficial to a company since a good peer raises the productivity level. Moreover, it is going to build the firms level of satisfaction. As atested by the owners of TSTCC, click here to view their website.

#3. There is better collaboration 

The women in executive positions are also attracted to different cooperation, workers and clients. As a result, they will averse to suggestions of different individuals and their team members will get assistance from them. 

#4. Their communication is better 

When it comes to communication at personal level, women outweigh men. As a leader, you should have the ability of establishing a crystal clear communication with your team members. The feature is evident in most women as they tend to listen better than men.  

#5. They are better innovators 

In leadership, innovation is a viable quality which will keep every organization from becoming irrelevant. Even tough it has been realized that men and women have equal terms when it comes to innovation, ladies edge out men a little. Thus, the firms require leaders who will continue forging ahead, moving the boundaries as well as remaining in the cutting edge. 

#5. The financial performance of a company is better 

Most of the companies who have female board of directors in their organization normally attain higher financial performance than those with the lowest representation of women. When women serve in corporate posts, financial success is realized. The fact demonstrates that there is a very strong correlation between gender diversity and the financial performance. 

What makes women to be successful in leadership?

· They Build Exceptional Teams

Women are leaders who work effectively in a fast moving entrepreneurial organization. These individuals have: risk taking skills, relationship skills, common sense, admiration, respect, tolerance and respect. A company who hires women to be in top executive positions has a team which implements solutions and identifies the changes which are evolving. Also, they know how to deal with the challenges of an entrepreneurial business. 

· They celebrate their journey 

Women in leadership also recognize that success is not a one time shot. It is all about composing life with time. Therefore, the top executive women will not only enjoy the journey but also celebrate their success along the way. Moreover, they are open to opportunities and joys which appear unexpectedly in life. Apart from that, they try and see if they can succeed in any business opportunity. 

· They own their destiny and judge themselves only by their own metrics 

It is fascinating that women achieve most by defining their success in their own terms and creates an enterprise which reflects on their own passions. The organizations which they lead are also socially for services and products which they provide. Furthermore, they give opportunities to employees by thriving so as to make a positive difference in the community. Consequently, they create the owner’s personal wealth. 

· They nature the greatest assets of the organization

Another reason which makes women in executive positions to be successful is the fact that they focus on integration of all aspects in life. They normally do this by dedicating their time and energy as very scarce resources which are valuable items on their budget. In addition to that, they establish their priorities basing on the goals and values so as to make decisions in accepting the request of their clients. 


From the detailed description highlighted, it shows that women who are in leadership will yield desirable outcomes. These comprises of: high profitability to every business. Therefore, women in executive positions should be embraced.