The Perfect Choice for Immigration Service

Why Josiah Wong Is the Perfect Choice for Immigration Service


Its hard nowadays to look for an immigration lawyer auckland free consultation, but luckily you are set to have one at Parnell Law Chambers A good immigration lawyer needs to be proactive and knowledgeable as well as sympathetic to the situation of a client. Josiah Wong is your best bet. The immigration lawyer has a lot of experience handling issues of citizen applications, residency and immigration in Auckland and other countries.


Proper credentials


Josiah holds a BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an LLB from the University of Auckland. He has years of experience handling civil and immigration appeals. For over two decades he has worked as a prosecutor or defense counsel in several countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. The lawyer who is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin also has experience working in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The professional is in good standing with the Law Society and is authorized to represent immigrants.


Proven track record


Josiah’s proven record of successful outcomes is indicative of his expertise in immigration, civil and criminal law.


·         Authenticity of Investment migrant documents:The lawyer represented a renowned New Zealand Financial Group in an eight year long civil case involving  foreign exchange control regulations, financial and tax legislations and banking practices that relate to Chinese businesses and underground banks operating across China and Hong Kong.  In this case, he also dealt with issues of authenticity of investment migrant documents and other commercial applications within the New Zealand application file.


·         Interpol removes Red Notice from Josiah’s client allowing New Zealand to grant him citizenship:Josiah worked with a client who was accused by the Chinese government of embezzling public money from the country and escaping to New Zealand. Consequently, the government of China issued a Red Notice against him via Interpol making it virtually impossible for the Department of Internal affairs of New Zealand to grant his application of citizenship.  He was only allowed to become a citizen when Josiah became his lawyer.  Josiah made representations to authorities under international and New Zealand laws and managed to get Interpol to remove the Red Notice against the client.


·          A record drug haul: In 1991, America’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) seized US$3 billion worth of heroin in a warehouse in Hayward, San Francisco in a record drug haul. As a result, the United States Government Issued a Red Notice via the Interpol for the arrest of the suspects of the crime. The DEA, FBI, and Interpol went on an international manhunt leading them to a suspect in Auckland in 2000. They made applications to New Zealand’s government to extradite the suspect to America for trial. Upon taking the case, Josiah started gathering evidence in Hong Kong, Australia and the United States where he secretly met with informants, former FBI agents and the federal prosecutor for three years. Over this time the case went through several hearings in New York, US and New Zealand courts before the US Federal government declared Josiah’s client and innocent man.




It is very important to consult an immigration lawyer to help you deal with matters of immigration, citizenship and residency. Josiah Wong offers free consultations in Auckland. During such sessions, he explains options available to clients allowing them and helps them understand what legal services he can offer them.